Our "Main" Services


Paver Installation

Pavers are the perfect solution for creating patio space, walkways and driveways. There are many pros to choosing pavers versus poured concrete, such as no cracking, design options and permeability. There is a wide variety of material and color shades to choose from depending on your specific application and design preference. Having worked with pavers a lot over the last 10 years we have our short list of recommended materials. It can be overwhelming choosing material, let us guide you in the right direction. 


Retaining Walls & Rockeries 

Wherever you reside in western Washington, it's most likely you have a yard that includes sloping or a hillside. While our landscape is undoubtedly beautiful, a un level yard can make parts of it unusable, or can create erosion issues. A retaining wall is the best solution to creating level ground, or holding back unstable soil. We have all seen that DIY retaining wall in the neighborhood, that is starting to fall apart. If not built correctly, a retaining wall will not be serviceable for more then a couple years. Insure your investment by consulting and hiring an expert to handle your project. With many material options available, the right solution exists for your specific situation. Get started with your retaining wall project today.  


Plants & Trees

Choosing the right plants and trees can be the most important part of a landscaping project. There are many surrounding conditions to be aware of and if not chosen correctly plants and trees can quickly outgrow their space, not receive proper sun exposure or create more maintenance then desired. We have a short list of preferred vendors in the area that raise an harvest their products with care. If you don't have a green thumb, don't dive into plant purchasing without getting the advice of an expert. Let us come up with a design based on your expectations and our experiences. 


Sod & Turf 

If not properly treated, the conditions of our lawn can get out of hand quickly. If your lawn is already a goner the best thing may be to remove it and start over. The most important part of installing a new lawn is the foundation it's laid upon. Most of our grass replacement projects include removing the existing soil and replacing it with a premium soil/sand mix to properly nourish and absorb water. After the sod is installed it is important to take care of it, fertilizing and providing plenty of water during the summer. Contact us to hear more about replacing your lawn.